Alex was deported last night

22 Dec

We are really sad and angry to report that Alex was deported against his wishes to Kenya last night. His twin brother got confirmation of his arrival there this morning but has not been able to speak to him yet.

This happened despite many people from across the country phoning immigration and Kenyan Airways demanding that his flight be stopped to give him a chance to have his case heard by the courts this morning. At one point the airline received so many calls that it stopped answering the phone. A group of supporters from no borders london and no borders north east went to Heathrow Airport and spoke to the other passengers on Alex’s flight about what was happening, many of whom were appalled and registered their disgust. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to stop the flight from taking off.

Alex’s brother has asked us to thank everyone who made a call, sent a fax or went to the airport for their help in trying to stop his brother’s deportation. He said that it gave him hope and strength. He is now waiting to hear what will happen to his own claim and fears that he too could be facing deportation in the near future. We will keep you informed of any developments.


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