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17 Dec

No Borders Wales have called for national support in their monthly day of action against BMI airlines, who are one of the airlines involved in forced deportations.

On the 20th of every month, a day of action against BMI Airlines takes place. Saturday 20th December will be the 3rd day of action of this campaign.

Everyday, an average of 180 migrants are deported from the UK. That’s one person every eight minutes.

These people haven’t done anything wrong. They are criminalised for doing what humans have done for thousands of years: moving in search of a better life. Moving to escape war, persecution, torture, physical abuse, poverty…

Governments across the world do not want us to see those being deported as people. They want to shroud them under statistics and treat them as pieces of meat.

Airline companies are a key link in the deportation industry. Without them it would be impossible for the state to implement this aspect of the migration regime and there can be no migration controls without

People being deported are often handcuffed on the flight and there have been numerous reports of physical assaults on people being deported by the security personnel who escort them.

We once again call on all those who oppose the deportation industry and the inhumane treatment of migrants who are subjected to the wider regime of control that it forms an integral part of, to contact BMI and let them know what you think of their profiteering from this cruel practice.

A full list of contact details can be found here:


Being a Saturday, we suggest that callers focus on phoning the Reservations & General Enquiries numbers: 01332 854854; 01332 648181 and the BMI baby Reservations, 01332 648181.

For a report of a recent action at Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland an event sponsored by Bmi baby, a subsidiary company of BMI Airlines, check out:


For the previous call out see: