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Films Against Borders- TONIGHT!

26 Feb


On Thursday March 5th we will be showing the Iranian film Baran (Rain) by Majid Majidi. The film is dedicated to the Afghan refugees who still suffer displacement and wars, and deals with the harsh realities of borders and their effects on those whose lives are disrupted and diverted by them. At the director’s request the film is dedicated to the people of Gaza and all proceeds will go to the International Solidarity Movement:

Starts 7.30pm £4/3 free to refugees and asylum seekers

The Venue
The Star And Shadow Cinema is an entirely volunteer run space. It is in Battlefield, Newcastle Upon Tyne, on the corner of Stepney Bank and Crawhall Road, opposite the Tanners pub.

The nearest Metro station is Manors. Turn right out of the station, and turn right up New Bridge Street. You’ll see us on the right about 5 minutes walk up the road, next to the Tanners.
Buses 6B, 12, 22, 39, 40, 62, 63, 106, 301, 302 all stop just around the corner. Ask for the New Bridge Street stop, or mention the Tanners pub.
There is no car park at the cinema but if you arrive by bike you can park and lock it inside the building.

Music Without Borders presents…

15 Feb

Music Without Borders presents
A Benefit for No Borders
Now with 6 acts playing! neebordersgig1

Resources from Self Education Day Feb 09 – now online

12 Feb

The No Borders North East website now has a second page which will contain the resources that came from the self education day we held in Feb 09. The link to this page is at the bottom of the second column of the website. We will be updating this page regularly over the coming weeks as we process the information that came out of that day.

Racist oil workers? – Blame Nationalism! (not the people). Lindsey Farm, Total and the Media. A comment.

3 Feb

People are angry about working in an exploitative capitalist system. Fair enough. They were trained to work to produce oil for companies who sell the oil to the consumers and other industries. Much of the functioning in our society is based upon the need for oil. We heat, move, produce energy with oil and the oil pollutes our mother earth. Self-destruction is the principle of capitalism and it is often represented by our way of life.

British workers are angry because, in recent years, many have been sacked and very often only been employed on a contract basis.
The Italian company Irem won the Lindsey contract, because “Irem could supply its own permanent workforce” as Total officials state. The fact that trade union officials now support Gordon Brown’s nationalistic rhetoric and at the same time accuse the spontaneously striking workers of xenophobia does little more than demonstrate the missed actions in recent years and a lack of unions commitment to solidarity. Solidarity that is not transborder, is no solidarity.

Instead of accusing the protestors to be xenophobic (although, some individuals might be racists as a matter of fact), or even misusing the wildcat strikes for nationalistic and racist propaganda as the BNP and the tabloid press has done (Even the BBC misquotes workers to spread the impression of an uneducated nationalistic workforce VIDEO). The anger should much rather be directed towards the very conditions people are made to work and live in.

It is to be feared that the demand for “British jobs for British workers” will promote the demand of similar action throughout Europe as the slogan was published around the continent as well as in other parts of the world.
There are two million British citizens living and working in Europe, the highest number of expatriates of any EU state. Millions more Britons live and work throughout the world.

And what will happen to the hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals in Britain and millions of British citizens of overseas descent? Will they be the next target in the campaign to secure “British jobs for British workers?” Unfortunately, in times of economic recession, nationalistic propaganda (and the acceptance of it) is rising higher and higher. As an example, right-wing Labour MP Frank Field thinks loudly in the Daiy Star that the government made a mistake and should apologize for “being so negligent in protecting our borders”. Well….
The mistake might have been to establish borders in the first place……. But to apologize for all the hate and violence that has been brought to humankind by borders and “border maintenance” might not be enough.

No borders! No nations! – literally.