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Lesvos & Calais, repression & resistance

15 Aug

Repression against migrants in Greece is ongoing with footage from Greece showing Somalian refugees living under harsh conditions.

At the same time, resistance and solidarity is building. Last month, the deportation of 62 migrants was prevented by people blockading the ferry from the Greek island of Lesvos as authorities attempted to transfer migrants to a detention centre on the mainland (see here for the full story).

From 25 – 31 August 2009, a No Border Camp will take place on Lesvos which has become an important part of the route for refugees and migrants seeking to reach Europe. Lesvos is one of the many points in Europe at which the repression of migrants is at its most obvious.

In Calais, the site of a No Border Camp earlier this year (download a 2-part film from the camp here and here), activists continue to work in solidarity with migrants who face police harassment and brutality on a daily basis (see here for updates and what you can do).

The call out for the Lesvos camp concludes:
From the Schengen Agreement to the Dublin Regulation, from the European Pact on Immigration and Asylum to the so called “Directive of Shame”, from Frontex to the IOM, from the detention centres to the practices of expulsion and deterrence, from the borders to the capitals, Europe is clearly dealing with the phenomenon of immigration with measures of repression and border control.

Here in Lesvos the building of the “Fortress Europe” is clearly visible. That’s why we would like to invite you to join us in August (25-31), to share with us the experience of what is going on at the borders, to discuss the problems, to coordinate our actions, to fight:

Against New-Imperialism Policies And Whatever Create Refugees
Against Border Regime And The Practices Of Control And Repression
Against Criminalization Of Migration
Against Detention Centres And Violation Of Migrants And Refugees
Against Exploitation Of Migrants’ Labour
No Borders
No One Is Illegal
No Immigrants’ Detention
Equal Rights For All