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Newcastle NO BORDERS TOUR 2009

25 Apr


The UK No Borders Tour 2009 is visiting Newcastle from 30/04 to 04/05 and invites you to a series of events that aim to encourage discussion and build awareness of the injustices of the UK and EU Border Regime, as well as to call for action against them. The Tour will terminate in the French border town of Calais on 23-29th of June, an outpost of the UK border system, where it will meet activists and organizations from France and Europe to create a No Borders Camp that aims to highlight the brutal situation for migrants stuck at the UK-French Border.

EVENTS in Newcastle

  • 30th April, from 7.30pm, @ the Star& Shadow Cinema: Screening of NO COMMENT, a powerful film about migrants living in limbo between the UK & French Borders; discussions about the No Border Camp in Calais; and the opening of an exhibition of striking photographs from Calais by French photographer Julie Rebouillat. Followed by music from The Casual Terrorist and No Fit State!
  • 3rd May, No Borders stall @ the Star & Shadow Market! Come and chat, find out more about NB and the camp at Calais, watch films about migration for free! We will also have some of Julie’s pictures for sale!
  • To see Julie Rebouillat’s pictures from Calais online check out:!

  • 6th May, at 6pm @ Newcastle University, Bedson Teaching Centre: The Case for Open Borders – a presentation by Teressa Hayter, writer and activist on migration and anti-racism. Followed by discussion and No Borders workshop

Look out for more events announced soon and do get in touch with NB noth east if you want to host the UK NB Tour in a place near you!

The UK immigration system is designed to criminalise and persecute migrants. An unjust and complicated asylum-seeking process, migrant detention centres that detain people indefinitely and without right to bail, managed migration schemes that divide workers and people, destitution by being made ‘illegal’, and forced deportations. Calais is no different.

As part of agreement between the French and British governments, migrants trying to reach Britain (many to seek asylum from war-torn countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Eritrea, Somalia, Palestine), are being persecuted by the French police; beaten, harassed, driven out of the town, forced to sleep rough in nearby woods, attacked during the night. People and organisations trying to support them also face prosecution, loss of funding and general harassment.

No Borders is a network of people who are fighting for the freedom of movement for all and to an end to all borders & migration controls. We call for a radical movement against the systems of control that divide us into citizens and non-citizens, into the documented and the undocumented. Join us at these events and at the No Borders Camp in Calais in June this year. For more info, get in touch:

Borders, Migration and Freedom of Movement Dayschool

19 Apr

The Forest Café
3 Bristo Place
Edinburgh EH1 1EY
Saturday 9 May 10.30am til 6pm
plus evening social
and music from Newcastle band No Fit State!

People from No Borders North East will be supporting this opportunity for people to get together to share info and ideas on the border regime and the growing movement for freedom of movement for all! Workshops, updates and films on current struggles against borders, and discussion on setting up a Scottish No Borders network. Plus No Borders UK Info Tour 2009 – an exhibition of striking photographs from Calais by French photographer Julie Rebouillat, along with info on the European border regime and the forthcoming Calais No Border Camp, 23-29 June 09.
Supported by: Unity Centre Glasgow, Anarchist Federation, No Borders

Workshop programme online at


9 Apr


No Borders Northeast is currently co-preparing an activist camp in Northern France
in the upcoming June 2009. Calais might seem far away from the Northeast, but…

The Calais border is an important focal point for the struggle between
those who would see an end to all migration into the EU (by enforcing ever crueler
borders control regimes) and those trying
to break down the barriers between peoples, the borders that prevent the
freedom of movement for all, not just the privileged few.

The Calais No Border camp is an exciting joint venture between French
activists and migrant support groups and the UK No Borders Network. It
aims to highlight the realities of the situation in Calais and Northern
France; to build links with the migrant communities; to help build links
between migrants support groups and lastly, but not least, to challenge
the authorities on the ground, to protest against increased repression
of migrants and local activists alike.

This camp is not just about Calais: we are calling for the freedom of
movement for all, an end to borders and to all migration controls. We
call for a radical movement against the systems of control which divide us
into citizens and non-citizens, into the documented and the undocumented.

But why a protest camp in Calais?
While Europe is tightening its border controls to the outside of
Europe, and especially to Northern Africa, one of its internal borders
is often overseen. Many migrants who come to Europe aim to reach the
United Kingdom, but after the closing down of the centre in
Sangatte/Calais, people are forced to sleep rough in the woods around
the harbour, getting pushed around and often finally sent back to Paris
where they are forced to sleep rough in their hundreds.

Furthermore the UK Border serves as a mechanism of internal control and filtering in Europe. By pushing the UK border onto French territory, the British government has made it impossible for many people to claim asylum in the UK and forced those that do try into the hands of people smugglers. This situation can only be changed when we start a public discourse about the UK Border regime and the humanitarian situation of the people who try to reach the UK from France.

The Border regime can be only understood in its political and economic context, i.e. the exploitation of cheap work from migrants. Therefore we think that the struggle for equal rights for migrant workers and the struggle against the European detention and asylum system are closely connected. We also believe that we need to intensify the transnational cooperation between initiatives made by people on both sides of the border who find the current situation unbearable.

no one is illegal. freedom of movement for all!
act against british and european borders and inhuman border controls.
Come to the Calais protest camp 23-29 June.
There will also be a transnational demonstration on Saturday 27th of June in Calais.

Photo report : : Pennine house protest : : 21st of March

4 Apr

More than 70 people including No Borders activists from Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle took a successful action against the Immigration prison at the Manchester airport.

Protest demanding the closure of Pennine house, an asylum prison located at Manchester airport started with a rally in Albert square, Manchester.

Rally in Albert Square

The protest continued to the airport. Half of the No Borders activists cycled to the airport and the others travelled by train.

Critical Mass to the airport

Critical Mass to the airport

A huge police presence accompanied the Critical mass all the way to the airport. GMP mobilised a helicopter and motorbikes.

Critical Mass to the airport

When the both groups arrived to the Pennine house, the police officers and FIT team constructed a protest pen inside the detention prison car park. The protesters refused to enter the protest pen.

Protest at the Pennine House

Protest at the Pennine House

After the vibrant protest and speeches taken in front of the detention centre the group decided to move to the airport departure zone.

Protest at the Pennine House

Protest at the airport

Protest at the airport

The way back to the train station was dramatic as additional TAU, Police dogs nd horses were called in but not deployed. During this period, Terminal 2 was closed.

Protest at the airport

Protest at the airport

For more information see the BBC report here