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Films without borders, crossing Arizona.

14 Mar

During the film season we screened Crossing Arizona, as the second night of the films without borders season. The discussion which followed the film brought up many issues and points which people might like to explore further.
Here is a list of things which came up in discussion and links to further information:
The journey people take before they reach the US (with many border points before the US and Mexico border). Here is a report by Amnesty International on abuse of migrants travelling through Mexico. There is also a book called Enriques Journey which follows the journey of someone travelling from Honduras to the US , which talks about communities providing food to help people ridinf the trains north.
-What happens to people once they have crossed the border? Here is a CNN report on a former border point worker English version
Spanish version
The current situation in Arizona:
Here is a link to the NoMoreDeaths group who are constantly working here and updating their site with news and reports.

Wider issues/struggles glimpsed in the film. Here is a link to the filmaker’s site which has more info than the film could cover including recommended reading, news stories, cross-border alliances.

Parallel situations throughout Europe : “According to the following press review at least 14,921 people have died since 1988 along the european borders.” Fortress Europe‘s website.

A site dedicated to the situation in Greece.  This site is frequently updated too.

Someone mentioned this is a good film to watch about the Spanish border with Africa called 14 kilometers.

And more close to the UK, is Calais.


info night info!

14 Sep

The Free Movement For All fundraiser & infonight on Friday 10th September at the Star and Shadow Cinema was an ace night, there was a friendly atmosphere, the bands were all on great form and delectable food and cakes were provided.

The night was partly in aid of the No Border Camp in Brussels, and funds were also being raised for The English Language Conversation Group, an informal group held at the Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle, where volunteers to help people learn and practice their language skills are always welcome.

The night began with a screening of ‘Outside of EUrope’, a documentary by Wide Open Exposure. The film documents the harsh realities of the European border regime, and the impact of the exclusionary policies of the EU.

This was a great introduction to the issues which will be the focus of the upcoming Brussels No Border Camp, 25 September – 3 October. Preparations are now well underway for the Camp, with the latest programme and location information online here.

After the film, Milky Wimpshake played a brilliant set, with some good onstage banter from Pete Dale, tight garage punk-pop songs and amusingly undiluted lyrics.

ONSIND (One Night Stand in North Dakota), singing, guitar playing, spot-on lyric-writing, great guys from Durham had the audience demanding more of their lo-fi, anti-folk punk-pop gems. Their anti-capitalist, anti-consumerist, queer, anti-sexist etc melodic songs performed with humour and enthusiasm were shout-a–long political feelgood nuggets.

The Verbal Terrorists and DJ Jupiter provided top quality hip hop bursting with onstage energy, slick beats, amazing rhymes and songs ranging from criticising the financial system (in the most lyrically catchy way imaginable!) to praising people for taking a stand.  After a few more well known ones like ‘The Dance of the Money Men’ and ‘Risin Up’ they treated the audience to a new tune they’ve been working on which was every bit as satisfying as you would expect from them and the dancing didn’t stop. Thanks to the  quality line-up and committed acts the night managed to mix serious issues and proper fun.

With thanks to all who supported the night.

Benjamin Update- Flight Stopped and other news

4 Aug

Some good news – Benjamin’s flight has been stopped!

Thanks to everyone who called, faxed and emailed about his scheduled removal to Greece and about his medical care.

This afternoon, the courts in Scotland issued a court order to prevent the Home Office from forcibly sending him to Greece tomorrow (Wednesday 4 August). This is the second time his removal from the UK has been stopped. A judicial review of his case is now pending.

Lots of groups and individuals have been getting in touch with Benjamin to offer support and solidarity, and he sends his best wishes to everyone. He’s hoping to get out of detention and back to Glasgow soon.


Other news – in Campsfield immigration prison, there are currently 140+ people on hunger strike. See for the statement released by the detainees and how you can support them.

A tale of migration to the “free world”

16 Nov


Activist blog about Calais and the wider immigration context.

Simm cards contact

13 Nov

When you get the simm cards e mail

Calais: Actions you can do from home

12 Nov

1. There is now a ‘Calais Migrant Solidarity’ Unity Trust bank account, sort code: 086001 account number: 20233983.

2.Sim Cards

Hello everyone,

Something you can do to help the migrants in Calais, that does not take any effort or money, is to order your 4 free 02 sim cards. Get them sent to your house, then message me to tell me you have some, and then i will send you the adress to forward them on to into either UK or Calais, depending on where you live.

Latest No Borders Newsletter MOVEMENT #1

11 Nov

MOVEMENT #1 – No Borders Newsletter

The first issue of the re-named and re-launched No Borders Newsletter “MOVEMENT” is now available for download:

You can join the mailing list here:

For full details of the contents of issue one check out:

Coming to Calais (urgent help needed!)

30 Sep

As we are low in numbers from today – a few people left yesterday and more tomorrow… more people are needed!

Calais is turning into a hell with all the jungles being destroyed – the Hazara and Iranian jungles were destroyed, this moring the Eritrean squat was evicted and a fence put around it; security with dogs are preventing people to retrurn and collect their few belongings!

As a result some migrants have initiated a hunger strike and they need support.

There are some people coming to Calais on Friday from London and from the Netherlands: if you need a lift from London there is possibility of a minibus, call the communication phone 0033 6348 10710, or to take stuff from London to Calais

Solidarity Needed in Calais

22 Sep

Early on 22 September police and French authorities entered the largest migrant camp in Calais, arrested many inhabitants, and began the destruction of the camp. This move has displaced hundreds of people who have nowhere to go. More support is urgently needed in Calais to protest against further clearances and police brutality, to show solidarity with migrants and to support the people displaced by the mass clearances. See the call out at

For latest information see

Lesvos & Calais, repression & resistance

15 Aug

Repression against migrants in Greece is ongoing with footage from Greece showing Somalian refugees living under harsh conditions.

At the same time, resistance and solidarity is building. Last month, the deportation of 62 migrants was prevented by people blockading the ferry from the Greek island of Lesvos as authorities attempted to transfer migrants to a detention centre on the mainland (see here for the full story).

From 25 – 31 August 2009, a No Border Camp will take place on Lesvos which has become an important part of the route for refugees and migrants seeking to reach Europe. Lesvos is one of the many points in Europe at which the repression of migrants is at its most obvious.

In Calais, the site of a No Border Camp earlier this year (download a 2-part film from the camp here and here), activists continue to work in solidarity with migrants who face police harassment and brutality on a daily basis (see here for updates and what you can do).

The call out for the Lesvos camp concludes:
From the Schengen Agreement to the Dublin Regulation, from the European Pact on Immigration and Asylum to the so called “Directive of Shame”, from Frontex to the IOM, from the detention centres to the practices of expulsion and deterrence, from the borders to the capitals, Europe is clearly dealing with the phenomenon of immigration with measures of repression and border control.

Here in Lesvos the building of the “Fortress Europe” is clearly visible. That’s why we would like to invite you to join us in August (25-31), to share with us the experience of what is going on at the borders, to discuss the problems, to coordinate our actions, to fight:

Against New-Imperialism Policies And Whatever Create Refugees
Against Border Regime And The Practices Of Control And Repression
Against Criminalization Of Migration
Against Detention Centres And Violation Of Migrants And Refugees
Against Exploitation Of Migrants’ Labour
No Borders
No One Is Illegal
No Immigrants’ Detention
Equal Rights For All

Update from the Calais Camp

26 Jun

Approximately 20 members of No Borders North East are in Calais as part of the first transnational camp aimed at highlighting the situation of migrants stranded in Calais, most of whom are trying to reach the UK and claim asylum. The camp is made up of about 1000 people, some of them activists, some of them migrants, whilst others are simply local people concerned with the escalating humanitarian situation. Members of No Borders North East have been distributing food to local migrants, as well as protecting a squat used by a number of Eritrean migrants against police eviction. Although the squat eviction was successfully resisted, the police later tear gassed the premises preventing the migrants from getting back in.
Some of the migrants in Calais are as young as thirteen years old, and come from places such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Northern Africa. We have witnessed extensive police harassment of both migrants and activists, and have heard numerous reports of migrants being emotionally and physically abused and brutalized by the local police. The police response to the camp has been huge, with over 2000 officers drafted in to the city. The attitude of the police is quite intrusive and is often one of confrontation and intimidation. Last night the police unsuccessfully attempted to gain access to the site of the camp in order to make further arrests of migrants but they were prevented as people woke up. It appears that the police are trying to find ways to distort the message of the camp through stimulating aggression and confrontation.
In contrast to this, the response of many locals has been positive and supportive. This is especially true of the younger generation who helped with the construction of the camp and who have been a constant presence throughout the week, joining in with migrants and activists. Everyone is gathering momentum for the planned march tomorrow. Up to 2000 people are expected to attend to protest racist border controls, show solidarity with all migrants and to call for an end to the system that denies dignity to people who are fleeing some of the world’s worst violence and criminalises the whole process of migration.

Border Camp in Rafah!

17 Jun

Steadfastness and solidarity at the Rafah border

Under pressure from the Egyptian army and the police, the International Movement to Open the Rafah Border ( IMORB), is maintaining their camp at the Rafah Border. The group is growing; now 26 people from France, USA, Germany, Egypt, Belgium, and Sweden.

Yesterday, our Italian friend left us for his job in Italy, but a German woman, Alona, married to a Palestinian from Rafah, joined us with her six children, aged 2 to 12. She wants to return to live with her husband and other three children in Gaza. After Egyptian authorities denied her entrance, she said, “I am coming from Germany and I don’t wish to go back to sleep in El Arish. I come here and I only want one thing: to go to Gaza.” By phone, her husband asked his family to join the IMORB camp.

This morning we were joined by a Palestinian refugee, Mohammad, a PFLP (Palestinian Front for Liberation of Palestine) activist who spent 24 years in Israeli prison and has been living in Belgium. Mohammad’s daughter, a diabetic student in Gaza, is now in need of insulin. “Since June 8, the Egyptian authority has denied my exodus from Egypt. I heard about your camp and I decided to come and stay with you. The rumor says the border will be open Wednesday [6/17] so I will stay and wait.”

Nine Swedish Palestinians, including four children, have also joined the border camp.

Since we set up camp two days ago (6/13) Egyptian police and intelligence agents have been visiting us periodically. Each night Colonel Mohammad speaks to us, but allows us to stay, after first threatening to expel us by force.

When he came to us last night he showed more tolerance and ordered the toilets, adjoining the cafeteria, opened, which had been closed by General Khalil Harb to pressure us to leave.

This morning policemen came and asked us to put down the tents. We explained that we need the tents for the children to take their naps later. They pressured us no more on this issue.

After yesterday morning’s visit, General Harb, came after midnight and said, “this is a closed military zone, and your presence here is unacceptable. We will use any means necessary to remove you.”

In spite of all this pressure, the IMORB persists. They stated, “we will leave only when the border will be opened.”

Our presence is reinforced by support from the Egyptian population, some of whom have brought us blankets, mattresses and other supplies. This morning an unknown man brought us fresh bread. Then a child brought some fooul, a traditional breakfast meal, that was most delicious.

Yesterday evening a policeman came to us wearing a Palestinian kifeyeh around his neck and offered us some chai.

All these demonstrations of support help us to persist in spite of the precarious situation, what Alona calls a “five star hotel.”

For all those who haven’t direct contact with those at the Border, we will try to set up a discussion for daily updates from the growing members there. ❤

In Solidarity
from all
International Movement to Open Rafah Border