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Brussels No Border Camp

6 Oct

The No Border Camp in Brussels was from 25 Sept – 3 Oct. See Brussels Indymedia for reports of workshops, demonstrations and direct action which took place.




Successful Blockade of Frontex

Police repression of Anti-Capitalist bloc on anti-austerity march

The Camp legal team is collecting complaints to file against the police after hundreds of arbitary arrests were made. See for details.

On Saturday, October 2, a big demo brought together nearly 1,500 participants on arrival at the Bourse, Brussels city centre (

As well as several big demonstrations, lots of autonomous actions took place. Here’s a round-up:

A meeting of Frontex was blocked by activists before they were arrested (

Action against Frontex also took place in Brussels Airport (

A police station was attacked and damaged (

The facade of the Embassy of Italy was covered with shit and graffiti to protest against the deportation of Roma and  recent agreements with Libya on immigration ( articles/196).

A symbolic action took place against the offices of BP’s lobbying in Brussels (

Sodexho, providing food in many prisons and detention camps, received a visit from a group of people who poured 40 liters of oil into the lobby (http://bxl.indymedia. org/articles/180).

The building of the Cultural Attache of southern Germany was “redecorated” in protest against the repression of a demonstration Thursday in Stuttgart ( “

A recruitment session of the Brussels police  was disrupted by several activists, in protest at police repression (

The doors of the IOM (International Organisation for Migration) were blocked with glue (

Several buildings of companies involved in the deportation machine were tagged and had their windows broken: CarlsonWagonLit and Randstatd (, Serco (, Sodexho ( 236), Steria (, Dalkia (