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UKBA Culture: For anyone who hasn’t seen this yet

4 Feb

Perrett, 29, also alleges that one official boasted to her that he tested the claims of boys from African countries who said they had been forcibly conscripted as child soldiers by making them lie down on the floor and demonstrate how they shot at people in the bush.


Police Repression Escalates in Calais

21 Jan

reposted from Calais Migrant Solidarity;

On January 19th tents were distributed to migrants because the cold weather plan was suspended and the BCMO gymnasium closed. migrants launched a movement protest on the morning of the closure by burning a few blankets and banners, so the evening after the distribution of tents they decided to sleep next to BCMO. half an hour later fifty uniformed police riot made a line outside the camp, saying that if migrants do not leave they would destroy everything .After negotiation they agreed that migrants could leave with tents in the direction of the old jungle and they would not stop anyone and destroy any tents … migrants and activists were going to install the new camp escorted by the Police who showed us the place where they would not intervene… Yet they arrested 6 people at 2 am and came back at 7am.

At midday 20 vans of CRS surrounded the jungle and destroyed the whole camp.

We recovered a few tents and a few bags at the dump and the migrants returned and settled again before the BCMO ..

The Police came and removed all the tents near the BCMO and they have orders to prevent any gatherings and destroy them forthwith anything that resembles a shelter on a public way throughout the parks and in all the “jungles”

just after removing the tents they followed the migrants and destroy their shelters soon as they decided to set up somewhere … A whole company of CRS followed the migrants over much of the night in their every move,

a group formed hunting parks in parks and street to street …

Police asked to speak with us by saying that any way they would continue harassing migrants, we were stopped outside the town hall stopping us from going any further … we told them that we did not want to go in the park in front but to our place, we assume that the offense of Delit de solidarité that they just have come to arrest us but we would stay with migrants whatever, we would wait for them with nothing to fear …

but we must meet quickly to decide what to do in the future, an emergency meeting will take place tomorrow between activists and migrants, we must position ourselves to fight and we must assume it or we look for an alternative solution

No border! No nation! Stop deportation!

Another Migrant Camp Destroyed in France

18 Nov

Following the barbaric destruction of migrant camps in Calais this September, it has emerged that another camp was today destroyed, this time in Dunkerque.

The PAF (Police Aux Frontieres), entered the camp occupied by the 60-70 Afghans and Iraqis. The eviction was known about in advance, and according to the mainstream press, a number of people escaped the previous day. The remaining 30-odd occupants were handcuffed and taken to a police station, while the bulldozers razed their homes.

The camp in Dunkerque was one of a number in Northern France home to migrants flushed out of Calais since the first large scale eviction in September.

In an attempt to ‘disappear’ the migrants, the smaller squats in Calais continue to be attacked (and sometimes burnt down) everyday, with essential belongings such as blankets being ‘confiscated’ from them. The cops have even fenced off areas like bridges where people tried to huddle to get away from the rain & cold.

More people are needed in Calais and the surrounding areas right now to document and try to stop such abuses. No Borders has had a constant presence in the area, but help is always needed and muchly appreciated!
Check http://calaismigrantsolidarity.wordpress.com/ for information on what you can do.

On another note, French President Nicolas Sarkozy recently gave these remarks at the recent celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall;

“…the fall of the Berlin Wall serves for us all today as a call to fight oppression and to tear down all the walls that still separate the world, that divide cities, regions and nations.
This is the message that a unified Europe proudly embodies and delivers to the world. We are brothers, we are Berliners….”

The irony is almost too much to stomach…