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UKBA Culture: For anyone who hasn’t seen this yet

4 Feb

Perrett, 29, also alleges that one official boasted to her that he tested the claims of boys from African countries who said they had been forcibly conscripted as child soldiers by making them lie down on the floor and demonstrate how they shot at people in the bush.


Newcastle Mum and Son face deportation to Congo

17 Nov

6 year old Adrian Atkinson and his mother Anna are being faced with deportation back to Congo, after Anna’s divorce and subsequent visa expiration. Anna, who currently lives in Byker with her son, fled the Congo after her sister was killed in the war.

Although Adrian was born in the UK and thus does not legally have to leave, he has said that he will not leave his mother and go wherever she is forced to go.

The situation in Congo remains dangerous, and Anna has said that Adrian will face further difficulties due to him being of mixed race.

Friends from Adrians primary school at Welbeck have started a petition to allow him and his mum to stay, but more pressure is needed to be put on the UK Border Agency, who have stated that if the Atkinsons do not leave before the 25th November then they will be arrested and forcibly deported.

Get in touch with the UKBA and register your anger;

they can be contacted by phone on 0114 207 2966 or by email at NEYHCustomers@ukba.gsi.gov.uk

Tina Moses is not being deported tonight

11 Dec

We found out today that Tina and her daughters have been taken off the flight to Nigeria tonight!!

Activists from TCAR went to government offices today to hand in the petitions and get their update and were told the news. They were handed a letter from Immigration in Leeds that stressed that the decision change had NOTHING to do with the demonstration yesterday, but about the fact she has a husband here.
Yet after the demo the deputy director of government offices north east personally made enquiries about the case and so it definitely had an effect.
Thanks to everyone who did something.
Lots of things are still not clear regarding her status now so we will let you know more information as we get it.