Some news from No Border Camp Bulgaria

4 Sep

The No Border camp set-up began a week before the opening, with lots of preparation work like digging trenches for water supply, and building infrastructure.

One of the aims of the camp was raising the issue of the border locally, and supporting and extending local solidarity work.

Film screenings and discussions took place in local villages in the run up to the camp, where there were really interesting conversations with local people on the frontline of the border regime, who told stories of meeting people crossing the border in search of safety and security.


Detention Centre in Lyubimetz

Other people discussed government and media propaganda on the new detention and reception centres, and were keen to see what they were like in reality.

The Camp was visited by lots of people from nearby Siva Reka and Svilengrad, including at a dinner for the local community and at the party at the end of the camp, and good relations were built up in the local area.

At the border...

Throughout the week, workshops and discussions took place including on the situation in Greece, the Welcome to Europe project, privilege and racism, People of Colour self-organisation and empowerment, sharing experiences of supporting people who are migrating, No Border camps – experiences and expectations, Theatre of the Oppressed, and loads more…

There were also demonstrations, street theatre and other events.

Demonstration at Lyubimetz

On 26th August a march took place in Svilengrad, 27 August saw events at the Bulgaria-Greece and Bulgaria-Turkey border, and on 29th August a demonstration was held at the detention centre in Lyubimetz, more info in press releases below.

Camp press releases

No Border Camp 2011 – first demos at the border crossings with Greece and Turkey

No Border Camp 2011 – Demonstration in front of the detention center in city of Lyubimetz


Protest in Svilengrad –

Border protest –

Detention centre demonstration –

No-Border-Cats in Svilengrad –

Policing the border during protests


Other news articles (in German) (in German)

Camp news page

Borders of Bulgaria in the news

'Die-in' on the road at the Bulgarian border

Lyubimetz demonstration


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