Next meeting Thurs 17 March

15 Mar


The King’s Manor pub

132-140 Newbridge Street

Newcastle Upon Tyne

(near Manors metro station)

Following on from the successful Films Without Borders film season, we’d like to invite people with an interest in the No Borders network or ideas, or anyone who’d like to find out more about the group or get involved, to come to a meeting. We’d also invite anyone who came to the film season to share their thoughts and feelings about some of the moving films and performances that we watched.

All welcome – the meeting will be fairly short, and will provide information about the No Borders network as well as the No Borders North East group. There will be ideas about how to get involved for those who think they might want to.

We’re a friendly group and look forward to meeting you.

The agenda of the meeting is:

1. introductions
2. history of the No Borders network and overview of the No Borders perspective
3. the local group – history and what we’ve done
4. the film season – what we thought of the films/talks, what they made us think about, how they made us feel
5. ideas/plans about what to do next – English Language Conversation Group fundraiser, English Language Conversation Group  weekly sessions, seminar series, supporting other local NB groups to do film seasons, action against ESOL cuts, reading group, plus more
6. How to get involved

7. Any Other Business
8. End and date for next meeting


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