Solidarity with Hunger Strikers in Greece

1 Mar

A hunger strike by 300 migrants across Greece began one month ago. It is the latest in a long line of hunger strikes by refugees denied asylum by a regime that currently only approves 0.6% of all applications it receives, that has been regularly criticised by the UN and the rest of the EU for the appalling conditions in its detention centres and its general abuse of foreigners.

February 28, 2011 – Athens: The number of  hunger strikers brought to hospitals has risen to 36. Meanwhile, 36 other immigrants are on thirst strike, since Sunday noon. Thessaloniki: 12 hunger strikers are brought to 4 hospitals.

February 27, 2011: Athens: 16 hungerstrikers are brought to several hospitals in Athens,Thessaloniki: the 50 hunger strikers have announced their decision to abstain from sugar too, now only receiving water and salt.

Solidarity actions are taking place.

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Things you can do:

Send letters, fax and emails of protest to the Greek ministries of interior, of citizen protection and of health and to your local Greek embassy and consulate!
Help spread the word to media, and send press releases to your local, regional, national and european media. Here you find the press release we sent out, and sample letters…lease
Send copies of your press release and solidarity declarations to:

Pass this message on in your networks and urge other people to act, too!

Please act and help spread this – solidarity is the proverbial weapon these days. The hunger strikers are asking for your support!!!


fax numbers:
Ministry of Interior, fax: 0030 2103665089,
Ministry of Citizen Protection, fax: 0030 2103387708
Ministry of Labour, fax: 2105249805, 0030 2103213688


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