Update: Calais Court Case

27 Feb

Yesterday SoS Soutiens o Sans Papiers, who are the association (from paris) officially renting the hangar went to court to make a legal challenge on the hangar remaining shut and blockaded.

Unfortunately the judge dismissed the challenge, and said that only 1 man could enter the building (the man who is on the rent contact).

The legal challenge was based on the principal that the space was not a public space but a private space with migrants being members of the association.

The judge believed the hangar was not in the publics interest, highlighting security and public order concerns.

So here we see the old argument that persecuting migrants (making them sleep in the cold, denying them rest and shelter) is in some way in the interest of society. Is denying people the freedom to self organise is a sign of public order?

It looks like this court decision is informed by 2 things.

1. A desire to continue the aggressive 10 year long and obviously failing immigration policy in Calais.

2. A perspective which categorises migrants as dangerous and unwanted threats to society.

There is a second court case on the 9th of march.

Justice can only be achieved when people are treated as equals and decisions are informed by their rights, not by political policy or xenophobia. Designated people as dangerous, threatening, ‘illegal’ because they are from another country is an attitude which perpetuates the aggressive policing in Calais.

It is this aggressive policing, combined with the physical border (a border which exists to prevent asylum claims from being made), which creates the problem of destitute migrants living in and around the town.

No Borders believe that only actions can be illegal. Another court decision like this one will merely serve to reinforce the unjust and failing policy in Calais. This will inflict more hardship upon people who are trying to exercise their rights of free movement and asylum.

No Borders, No Nations. No one is illegal

Suggested actions: Go to Calais to provide support and to resist. Send SIM cards to Calais (http://calaismigrantsolidarity.wordpress.com/) Protest to your local French Embassy or Consulate. Protest to Phil Woolas: UK immigration Policy drives the French response to migrants in Calais. Contact your local MP (http://www.theyworkforyou.com/) ask what they intend to do as your representative. Contact the press. Get involved in NoBorders


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