Update from Calais

8 Dec
Hello everyone

The situation in Calais is generally getting worse. The police are now almost relentless, coming to some squares three times in the nights, refusing to let anyone sleep. There is really no where for people to go – we went to the park with some migrants who had had their house raided, but the police then started driving their snatch vans through the park forcing us to hide in bushes.

The weather is getting bitterly cold and it is raining…a lot.

However, some things are getting more encouraging. The local associations in Calais are becoming more militant – seeing the desperation of the situation, the lack of progress, they are interested in self-organising and sorting this situation out for ourselves.

watch this space….

but for any actions to be implemented we need people…please come to calais. we have a nice office where people can stay.


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