BNP Stall Disrupted in Newcastle Centre by Large Protest

29 Nov

Story taken from Indymedia;

“The BNP is a sight rarely seen on the streets of Newcastle, but today they slithered out from their sewers and attempted to hold a stall in the city centre.

Anti-fascist activists were quickly alerted, and by one o clock a sizeable crowd had gathered. They surrounded the fash, who were stood on the monument, and started a protest. The fash numbers were small, maybe 15 at the most at one time, whereas up to 150 anti-fascists gathered, chanting and mocking the so-called master race. Police turned up and tried to split the protesters, with fash on one side of the road and activists on the other. Although for a while they stated they would arrest people for obstructing the highway, after a while they gave up and the fash were once again surrounded and taunted.

They started packing up at 2ish, at which point activists reclaimed the monument and in no uncertain terms told the remaining dregs to fuck off.
A group of the fash had a bottle of ribena threw over them, next time expect eggs.

There was a number of activist groups within the protest; socialists, anarchists, refugee/asylum rights campaigners, no borders, and a large number of local people who came to show their disgust at the BNP.

Newcastle has a proud working class, anti-fascist history. This was a warning to the BNP today, come back and you’ll be dealt with again.”


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