No Borders Network Scotland – Next Meeting

1 Jun

1pm, Sunday 14 June, Phoenix Centre, 201 St. James Rd, Glasgow, G4 0NT

People from No Borders North East recently travelled to a dayschool on borders, migration and freedom of movement, supported by the Unity Centre, No Borders Network, and the Anarchist Federation, which saw over 50 people attending workshops including asylum and destitution, the UK border regime, immigration profiteers and much more. Several working groups formed around particular issues, including setting up a voucher exchange scheme, working against deportations, solidarity with migrant workers, and action on Angel housing, who profit from housing people seeking asylum in substandard accommodation. It was also an opportunity for people from across Scotland to get together and discuss developing a No Borders Network in Scotland, and there was enthusiasm for meeting again to develop this network further.

The next meeting of the network, 1pm, Sunday 14 June, at the Phoenix Centre, 201 St. James Rd, Glasgow, G4 0NT, will look at logistics like communication and structure, and will be an opportunity to join in with and hear news from working groups. Also on the agenda will be discussion of the forthcoming No Border Camp in Calais 23-29 June. Come along to find out more about what will be happening at the camp, the reasons why a camp is being organised, and how to get involved! More info on the camp at

There is also an email list for the Scotland network. You can subscribe to this list to receive updates on No Borders news, actions, meetings, campaigns etc.

Recent wildcat strikes earlier this year by construction workers against the divide-and-rule tactics of unscrupulous European firms, and the rolling out of ID cards to foreign nationals in the UK are reminders that we are increasingly living in a heavily controlled ‘Fortress Europe’. At the same time, you don’t need a crystal ball to see that the economic recession will be used by the far right to scapegoat immigrant workers and other migrants.

In Scotland, in recent years, there have been major successes in defeating efforts by the Home Office to escalate their barbaric dawn raids on asylum seekers. As a direct result of this success, over eight hundred families in Glasgow have been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK. Crucially, direct action and community resistance played a central role in this campaign.

At the same time, the Unity Centre has continued to play a unique and crucial role in supporting asylum seekers at risk of being deported without warning. Since it opened three years ago, over 1,800 families have registered with the Centre and on average thirty asylum seekers come into the centre everyday.

The Unity Centre initiative grew directly out of No Borders activity around the 2005 G8 summit and the formation of a Glasgow-based No Borders group. The Unity Centre collective is supportive of the development of the UK-wide No Borders Network and hosted an early gathering in Glasgow, sent supporters to the Gatwick camp as well as distributing practical information and regularly sending a delegate to UK No Borders Gatherings. More recently, people in Edinburgh have also become active agitating against border controls and against companies profiting from the border regime.

No Borders is a network of people committed to practical solidarity, mutual aid and direct action in resistance to migration controls and the persecution of refugees and other migrants. No Borders calls for the freedom of movement for all, an end to borders and to all migration controls. We call for a radical movement against the systems of control, dividing us into citizens and non-citizens, into the documented and the undocumented.


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