One week to go! Joint protests and actions in Bedfordshire, Manchester and Edinburgh

14 Mar

G4S - Profiting from human suffering

G4S - Profiting from human suffering

Saturday 21 March is a day of action against immigration prisons. Thousands of asylum-seekers are currently being kept in immigration prisons throughout the UK. They haven’t committed a crime, but they can be imprisoned indefinitely. Many of the people detained have experienced torture, and their trauma is exacerbated by being detained. Detention centres are operated for profit by private companies.

Protests are being held at Pennine House in Manchester, and Yarl’s Wood immigration prison in Bedfordshire, called by Manchester No Borders, London No Borders, and other groups.

In Edinburgh there will be a picket of G4S (Group 4 Securicor), who hold and transport immigrants in shamefully poor conditions, and make massive profits in the process.

These events follow actions earlier this week, when activists from Manchester No Borders ‘detained’ Phil Woolas, immigration minister and MP for Oldham and Saddleworth, at his constituency office! They said “Pennine House is just one of many shameful facilities where immigrants are held without charge, trial or sentence.”

2,500 people are currently locked up in 13 British immigration prisons. Phil Woolas is seeking the expansion of the detention estate to 4,000. 30,000 people pass through one of those prisons every year, including 2,000 children. All are held for indefinite periods without trial or sentence. Mostly the only ‘crime’ they have committed is not possessing the right papers.

“Behind such statistics are real human stories and the UK Border Agency and Phil Woolas are directly responsible for the misery inflicted on these individuals”.

North East No Borders will be supporting the Manchester protests. No one should be imprisoned for trying to seek a better life for themselves and their families. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it is shocking that the circumstances under which people are held are scandalously poor, and that private companies like G4S are profit from human suffering.

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