8 Mar


Eric was snatched on Wednesday 4th March 2009 and has been transported all over the country and is currently being detained at Campsfield House before being forced onto a flight to danger.
Eric Maloko Bosse came to the United Kingdom on the 18th December 2007 from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He claimed asylum on 21st December 2007 but his claim has been refused.
We are asking for you to stop his deportation to allow us the time to get new evidence from Africa to support his case.
Eric is at risk of persecution as a result of his involvement with the M.L.C (Liberation of Congo (French: Mouvement pour la Liberation du Congo) and was working on behalf of president Bembe. This has led to imprisonment in the Congo and this in turn is the reason he escaped and fled for his life with the aid of members of the MLC.
Eric is afraid of what might happen to him if he is sent back. Eric suffered much persecution due to his political beliefs and it is clear from current reports that the situation in the Congo is unstable and dangerous.
He has made many friends in Newcastle and is an asset to our society.
Please stop this man from being deported and let him return to his life which he is trying to re-build.

We are asking that as SOON AS POSSIBLE you call Kenyan airlines at Heathrow airport on 020 8759 7366 and 01784 888 222

Ask to speak to the duty officer and say you want to LOG your concerns for the well being of Eric Maloko Bosse who is being deported on flight KQ101 to the Congo via Namibia on 09/03/09 at 19.00 (7pm)

FAX the airline on ; 01784 888311 and 020 8745 5027

Heathrow immigration – telephone 0208 7454 705 Fax 0208 7454 700

Ask them if it is true that Eric Maloko Bosse is being deported back to the Democratic Republic of the Congo where he will face imprisonment, persecution and torture. The Home Office Press Office aims to maintain a positive image for the Home Office. They will not want bad publicity. Some people pretend they are freelance journalists. You will get passed from pillar to post. Don’t give up, just keep talking to as many people as you can.

Phone numbers of:
Immigration, International & Community
Assistant Director: 020 7035 3829
Immigration Desk
Wendy Fielder: 020 7035 3815
Jan Kemal: 020 7035 3821
Helen Bower: 020 7035 3816
Rachel Shaw 020 7035 3817

Try any of these. Start at the top and if they don’t
answer, work your way down the list!

5) PASS THIS MESSAGE ON to your friends and colleagues. Thank you

URGENT ; FAX ; 01784 888311 and 020 8745 5027

Re: Eric Maloko Bosse (HO ref: B1250688) who is scheduled to be deported on flight KQ101 to the D.R Congo on Monday 9th March at 7pm.

Dear Sir/ Madam

I am writing to you in relation to Eric Maloko Bosse , who is scheduled to be deported on flight KQ101 of your airline, to The Congo via Nairobi . I am extremely worried about his situation and urge you to refuse to carry him on your flight.

1) Eric Maloko Bosse was politically involved and campaigning for the liberation of the Congo. In recent reports people who have acted in collaboration with Bembe (the ex-president) suffer a risk of persecution upon their return to the Congo.

2) Eric came to the UK having escaped a brutal kidnapping. He made a claim for asylum in the U.K in December 2007. Since he arrived he has made a great effort to learn the language and intergrate and contribute to the community. He has made many friends and has a wealth of people who oppose the decision to deport him and who are also prepared to campaign on his behalf.

3)Eric was refused asylum based mainly on discrepencies between dates and a lack of evidence about his political involvement. This is hardly suprising when you consider how he fled for his life from his country with no posessions at all.
We are and will find new evidence from the Congo but this is difficult considering the political situation and may take time we do not have.

The home office also refused Eric on the ground he had made no effort to contribute to the community and has made no friends- which is totally untrue. In Newcastle Eric is an asset to the church he attends every Sunday, and has made many friends who will be prepared to help if there is a way.

On the grounds of respecting Eric ‘s human rights as well as his health and safety, I ask that you exercise your right to refuse to carry Eric on your flight. (Kenyan Airways) should not be involved in the forced removal of a vulnerable individual to a country in which they will face certain persecution. Please intervene now.

Yours sincerely,


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